Lui Marco Biography: Who is the Man Behind the Youtube Channel?

LuiMarco, or at least the name he goes by on social media, is a vlogger who primarily focuses on the bodybuilding community. His analysis is usually spot on and checkered with his recognizable LuiMarcoisms, including: “I salute you wherever you are,” along with the often well-placed, “proper” or “propaaah,” and of course, “diced to the socks (sox).”

While Lui is not shy when it comes to voicing his opinion and providing excellent insight into the lives and training of professional bodybuilders (and amateurs for that matter), he does tend to shy away from the spotlight in his own personal dealings with the fitness community. Lui doesn’t attend the actual bodybuilding shows he so often provides insight into, nor does he seemingly participate in expos of any kind. This is all by choice, as Lui has stated in previous videos that he does this to maintain his own sanity.

You probably won’t find any sponsored content or product placements on his channels either. He is highly outspoken that natural athletes should simply eat healthy foods and hit the gym with consistent intensity and good form. He hardly mentions fitness gadgets (unless he’s mocking them), and his channels are fairly devoid of any plugs for nutrition supplements or workout apparel. He often uses his own physique as an example of what can be achieved through natural means.

The 40-year-old Algerian is also a polyglot and seems to be fluent in English, Algerian, Arabic and possibly French. I might be missing some languages, but you get the point. LuiMarco got his start on YouTube by discussing, of all things, goldfinch birds. His fitness channel also started through the more traditional vein of filming workouts and offering training tips; however, he eventually moved away from these types of videos saying that there were others who were possibly doing a better job at spending the necessary time to record and edit instructional fitness videos.

Lui has also mentioned his “wife” a number of times on his channel. It has been dsicussed in online forums that he might not have been traditionally married and was with his “wife” for as long as seven years (view the video where he discusses his divorce). He has also stated that he is a proponent of the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement. There is even a video where he mentions that he has an adopted son who is in his twenties.

LuiMarco’s occupation is another subject that seems to be shrouded in vagaries. He readily states that he previously worked for corporations and found corporate life to be unsatisfactory. He eventually started working from home and then moved to part-time work. It is possible that he now generates a significant portion of his income, if not all, outside of a traditional nine-to-five job. He has stated that he has clientele but has never discussed the exact nature of his business. He is the oldest son in his family and does his best to assist with his ageing mother.

Because he is notoriously averse to public interviews, it is likely that we will never get the complete biography behind LuiMarco. Ultimately, the Canadian vlogger posts interesting and timely content and I greatly enjoy watching his work. His fans would probably like to know more about the man behind the channel, but I also completely understand if he prefers to keep some separation between his personal life and his YouTube channels.

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