Matty Fusaro Preps for His First Competition

As Matty Fusaro preps for his first competition, he has sought out advice from another fitness celebrity, Christian Guzman. Fusaro’s Life on Prep series has not only taken subscribes along for the traditional dieting and workout vlogs, but also the reasons behind his desire to compete. During the video, Matty asks Christian a question that might be on the minds of some of his subscribers:

[Matty] I think a lot of people look at a competition as the opportunity to get more exposure, maybe social media, maybe they’ll make some money, get a sponsorship. Have you noticed any of that in this industry or do you think that’s a reason people should be competing?

[Christian] I think that there was a time where competing did result in more exposure. It resulted in money and sponsorships. But let’s be honest with you guys, I think that nowadays competing at local shows and things like that there might be some prize money, yes, you can get some exposure but I think that there’s other ways now to document your journey, document your life, your dieting and your competition…Competing right now does not correlate to money, sponsorships, and exposure in my opinion.

Christian basically explains that it’s not necessarily the outcome of the competition that dictates the success of the venture. He even explains that sponsors these days are probably more interested in social media engagement as opposed to an athlete’s actual placing. The reason for this is simple, the audience feels a connection by going through the journey with the athlete. Simply reading about someone winning a physique contest in an online article does little in the way of eliciting emotion. Allowing fans to participate in the journey is critical towards contributing to the overall fitness conversation.

Fitness fans like identifying with athletes who struggle through the same trials and tribulations that they struggle with in their everyday lives. It gives consolation and motivation to those of us who have to care for children, work a ten-hour day and still find the time to eat right and train. It’s reassuring to know that the people on the stage fight many of the same battles as those of us on the other side of the computer screen.

I would suggest that Matty has already won the competition by allowing his viewers to take part in his journey. The true fans who are constantly battling the minutiae of their everyday lives don’t care how he places, only that he embark on a noble journey that helps inspire the rest of us to get off the couch and take a step towards our own fitness goals.

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